Spring Fashion on a Budget: Affordable Finds

Spring Fashion on a Budget: Affordable Finds

You want to upgrade your wardrobe but you don't want to spend too much on new clothing? Well I've got some tips for you! In this post, I'll give you suggestions of what you can buy to help spruce up your Spring wardrobe without having to buy too many pieces! Your spring fashion wardrobe doesn't have to break the bank!


Layering pieces

First, I strongly suggest looking for pieces that are perfect for layering! These items can include: tees, tanks, and any other basics! Layering pieces are super affordable. You can never go wrong with adding these to your wardrobe and they will NEVER go out of style! 

These layering pieces can be worn so many different ways and making several new outfits without having to buy so many separate pieces. Let's take a tank for example. You can pair tanks with blazers, cardigans, or jackets for the perfect Spring look!

Depending where you live, Spring can still feel cool and chilly so layering pieces are also perfect for the transition! 

Here are a few example of layering pieces coming together:



If you're a mom like me, you love being in comfortable clothing all day. Activewear pieces are the perfect affordable addition to your Spring wardrobe! Some super affordable pieces include: shorts, skorts, tanks, rompers and leggings. 

Again, you can NEVER go wrong with activewear and it will always be in style! Most activewear pieces can be found at a price point of $35 or under. The great thing about activewear, is that they go hand-in-hand with layering pieces and you can pair the pieces so many different ways creating more than one look!


Sandals are a Spring must-have item! You can find so many sandals under $30 and they can be paired with all your outfits. The best colors for sandals are nude, white or black. These colors tend to match any outfit. 


Casual Dresses

You can find so many cute casual dresses for $35 and under! Some ideas for casual dresses are: t-shirt dresses, tank dresses, or shorts dress.

The great thing about these casual dresses is that they can be dressed up or down and again, so many ways to style them to make it look like a new outfit!

Throw on a denim jacket for the perfect layering look! 


All of these pieces can be found on our website! Stay tuned for our next blog post! 

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